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Able Tools Ltd has been operated since 2006 in the field of rehabilitation equipment and new technology solutions for people in need. Able Tools has a wide range of innovative products, specially adapted for people with mobility difficulties, neurological and orthopaedic injuries, as well as for people with autism. Our products include, among others, specialized wheelchairs, rehab pushchairs, electric beds, lifting systems, stair lifts, seating systems, standing frames, walkers, bath and commode chairs, walking aids, pillows for pressure relief and for lying down prevention, functional and dynamic splints to assist movement. Also, aids for everyday life activities such as bath accessories for grooming and hygiene, clothing, feeding, for stabilization, movement and transport. Modified house equipment (kitchen utensils, etc) and modern clinical equipment for therapeutic retraining and functional procedures are included on company’s stock. Additionally, we are specialized in the design and implementation of multi-sensory rooms, for rehabilitation centres and user’s homes. Multi-sensory rooms combine a range of stimuli to help the user to develop and engage their senses. Using multiple stimuli such as lights, colours, sounds, sensory soft play objects, aromas, all within a safe environment, they allow user to explore and interact without any risk.

Our Vision

Our focus is the customer’s experience and our vision is to achieve a high-quality life and independency for every user’s daily routine. We consider each client as an individual 'challenge' and our goal is to provide them customised solutions which can potentially achieve an optimal lifestyle. Our company doesn't compromise in just offering products for the clients. Education is equally important, as we provide equipment trainings and seminars addressed to a wide range of healthcare professionals. AbleTools aims to continuously create new collaborations with major healthcare companies worldwide, keeping up with the latest rehabilitation methods and equipment. We maintain “the Ability to Dream” of every individual and aspiring to meet the needs of the informed customer by providing the support equipment needed to optimize its quality of life!

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