The springy walker

Meywalk® 4 stands out in the market of assistive technology by being spring
suspended. The springs stimulate the muscles of the user and the movements that are a part of a natural gait are imitated. This way the gait pattern is developed. Furthermore it has been observed that the suspension system very often motivates users with mental disabilities to move around and thus create a platform for further development.

As known from the previous Meywalk® models entering and exiting Meywalk® 4 is quite easily done. The Tool-free adjustments Meywalk® 4 is available in two sizes and can be adjusted to fit the needs and size of each individual user. All settings are done easily without the use of tools, which is a great advantage during active and busy days. Most surfaces on the walker are either coated or upholstered with closed-surface polyurethane that ensures longevity, easy maintenance and cleaning.

Meywalk® 4 has been tested and approved for users with a body weight of up to 130 kg. Meywalk® 4 comes standard with dynamic saddle seat and rear stop, handle bar, trunk support in the required size, parking- and drag brakes, non-reverse function, front wheel swivel-locks and springs that match the user’s body weight.

The trunk support for Meywalk® 4 is available in five sizes.





93 cm

110 cm

Outer width:

62 cm

68 cm

Access width (inner width):

50 cm

57 cm

Seat height*:

64 - 87 cm

83 - 106 cm

Trunk support height*:

104 - 136 cm

123 - 155 cm


130 kg

130 kg


32 kg

34 kg


Metallic red

Metallic black


* Heights are measured with half compression of springs.