OMI Vista

Interactive Projection System
a system that creates dynamic images on the floor which respond to any movement over the surface.

The omiVista system is powered by EyeClick™ and creates sensational audio visual effects with the projection of dynamic images onto surfaces including floors, walls, tables, trampolines, wheelchair trays, and any other vertical or horizontal surface. The system is uniquely accessible enabling people of all ages and abilities to engage in meaningful interactive experiences.

Completely customisable, omiVista allows teachers, carers and facilitators to add images, sounds and videos to create their own relevant applications, and it is supplied with a multi-media PC, audio and movement tracking systems, omiVista software license, five templates and two on-site training sessions.


OmiVista mobile:

OmiVista Mobile is an interactive projection system that opens up a thrilling new world of immersive interaction.

The system projects dynamic images onto the floor or any other light coloured horizontal surface, where users’ movements and motion activate a host of audio visual effects and games.

This fully mobile self contained system can be wheeled around the premises and can even be transported from site to site.

Unit dimensions: 54x48x82 cm (W x D x H)
Weight: 53Kgs
Image size: 173 x 130 cm