Zitzi Sharky is the seating system with unsurpassable adjustment possibilities. Along with seamless adjustments in the seat and back, the back is equipped with a flexible angle which is helpful to those with extension spasticity. On top of the numerous adaptation possibilities already available with the product, custom made modifications can also be requested. The seating system is suitable for youths and adults with complex seating issues and advanced needs for adjustment possibilities, thereby making it possible to achieve the best possible seated position within the same system.

The adjustable back allows you to create three points of support for improved postural control, which reduces the risk of deformity while increasing the possibility to a higher level of activity. Here you are given the opportunity to modify and maintain an optimal position based on individual needs and status. Zitzi Sharky is equipped with a flex-angle in the back to provide a dynamic seating, thus reducing both pressure and strain. The thighs supports can be adjusted exactly to suit seat depth and abduction, thus creating an optimal seated position which can “grow” with the user. It is even possible to create an open hip angle if needed.