Recommended age                                                        1 - 4 ar
Seat Heigh                                                                        54 cm
Seat Width min/max                                                        17-25 cm
Seat Depth                                                                        20 cm
Totall width w/floor                                                           48 cm
Total length w/floor                                                           51 cm
Weight                                                                                13 kg

More details

Niga-chair is designed with the objective to provide the smallest children a balanced sitting so varied position can be taken. Niga-chair can be varied in many different positions, adapted to individual needs, and can be used in different situations. The child may be in active mode at a table with legs in abduction towards knee-tops, and with the support towards the chest.

The child may also be put into sleep mode with support for the upper body. Furthermore, the angle varies between the seat and backrest in various intermediate positions in order to break a spastic pattern. Footrest, knee tops and headrest can be adjusted after the child's goals. Height of the Breast Center at the table can be changed. The headrest slides up and down to fit the child's head. The seat, back support, neck pillow, knee support and chest tops have removable padded covers in washable cotton fabric. Niga-chair has wheels that make it easy to move indoors. Niga-chair has all these features built in, but looks like it does not differ from ordinary chairs.


Recommended age

1 - 4 ar

Seat Heigh

54 cm

Seat Width min/max

17-25 cm

Seat Depth

20 cm

Totall width w/floor

48 cm

Total length w/floor

51 cm


13 kg