BUMBO Baby Seat

The Bumbo Baby Seat was invented by a design engineer grandpa to seat young babies who can't sit up by themselves yet.

As soon as your baby can support their own head you can seat them in the Bumbo Seat. The seat has many technical design features that support the babies’ posture allowing them to interact with their surroundings.

The Bumbo Baby Seat has received many awards from around the world for its effective and functional design.

Why is the Bumbo such an important part of baby development? "Well, it enables and encourages babies' interest in their environment, which, until now, has been problematic for moms (who, contrary to popular belief, only have one pair of hands). And this interest, a crucial element for stimulating brain development, profoundly affects Baby’s intelligence over the long term." Said Donald Pillai

Equally suitable for indoor and outdoor use - TV room, lounge, kitchen, beach, park, and playground - the Bumbo is easy to pack into the trunk of any car. Bumbo features a simple, practical design that facilitates interaction between mother and child. But more than that, it allows parents and caregivers the freedom to let their babies satisfy their inherent curiosity with confidence.


BUMBO Play Tray

The Bumbo Play Tray is an accessory to the Bumbo Baby Seat that provides a convenient surface for your baby’s toys.

At this age babies must receive many opportunities to physically explore the surroundings by means of the senses of vision, hearing, touch, taste, smell and play to successfully develop their motor skills.

The Bumbo Play Tray is made of a safe shatter resistant food quality plastic to ensure ultimate hygiene.

Bumbo Products are designed and manufactured with care and are periodically tested to comply with all international standards.