REHAB TREADMILLS GaitKeeper 2200T Treadmill

GaitKeeper 2200T Treadmill

Rehab treadmills are designed with therapists and patients in mind. The unique design performs with great strength at very low speeds of ambulation, and delivers this performance at an affordable cost. Our models feature high torque, accurate speed, adjustable inclines, and true zero start.

The GK2200T is our most advanced GaitKeeper rehabilitation treadmill to date. With its improved usability and expanded capabilities, the GK2200T meets all your rehabilitation treadmill needs.

The innovative features of the new GK2200T – including the wide 22” walking surface, powerful 4HP DC motor, zero start, remote control and optional medical handrails – make it easy to use and will be welcomed by the clinician. The GK2200T supports patients up to 450lbs when used with an award winning LiteGait® system, and will provide your facility with years of solid performance.

  • A full selection of Powerful Rehabilitation Treadmills
  • High Torque provides solid performance
  • Slow steady 0.1 mph starting speeds with 0.1 increments
  • Distance displayed in feet and miles (or meters and kilometers)
  • Designed so either clinician or patient can operate


  • Optional medical handrail (GK2200)
  • Low step up height for patients to easily step on and off
  • Trim design with minimal space requirements
  • MoveAble control panel for easy access to speed controls
  • Control panel positioned for maximum walking surface when used with all LiteGait® systems
  • Large walking surface
  • Incline up to 15% (GK2200) powered by high capacity motor
  • Perfect for use with LiteGait and WalkAble™
  • 14 inch raised platform option for better body mechanics (optional)
  • Electrical leakage below most hospital standards
  • Hand held remote (GK2200)


Treadmill Specifications1

GaitKeeper 2200T Treadmill

Great with LiteGait®

  • Powerful 4 HP DC motor delivers solid performance
  • 0.1 mph - 10 mph (0.2 kph to 16 kph)*
  • 0.1 mph starting speed with increments of 0.1 mph (0.2 kph)
  • Distance display in feet (meters)
  • Up to 400lb (180kg) weight limit**
  • Wide 22” (55cm) walking surface***
  • Full featured Hand-Held remote for the clinician
  • Display rotates 45 degrees to improve clinician visibility
  • Integratable with LiteGait®
  • Built to last

Great without LiteGait®

  • HRC Heart Rate Control
  • Cushioned running surface
  • Low leakage meets most hospital requirements
  • 5 Preset programs
  • Optional Medical Handrails available
  • 0% to 15% incline
  • Lifetime Warranty on the Frame, 3 years parts and labor on all other components, iPOD interface 90 days no labor

*Speeds apporximate **Rehabilitation facilities only *** GK2200T fits a 34" wide LiteGait bas