The DST is a progressive rehabilitation device designed to retrain the gradual use of stair-climbing skills in order to regain mobility and independence.
The apparatus features four steps whose height can be adjusted electronically from zero to 16.5 centimeters (0- 6.5 inches) between steps. The DST is also equipped with handrails on either side; the height of the handrails can be adjusted.

The device is designed for people in various stages of rehabilitation who need exercise to regain their ability to use steps following illness, heart problems, stroke, orthopedic injuries, car or work accidents, surgery (including knee replacement), neurological injuries or amputations. In general it is suitable for anyone requiring physiological rehabilitation, including children.


The DST is Ideal for:

• Rehabilitation centers

• Hospitals

• Physiotherapy departments

• Cardiac care rehabilitation units

• Nursing homes

• Physical therapy clinics

• Outpatient centers

We are convinced that the DST will make an immense contribution towards your patients' rehabilitation along with a more effective and efficient use of the physiotherapists' workload and time.