About us

We began our operations in 2006, with a focus on people in need of rehabilitation and self-help products and services.
“Every person must be able to lead a quality and independent life in pursuit of their dreams, regardless of any physical impairments”


Our aim is to establish an active presence and open up new horizons in the field of rehabilitation. Thanks to our person-centered approach and specialised staff, we are pioneers in the provision of products and services.

Products with potential

We cooperate with leading foreign companies with a special focus on research. This enables us to provide high quality products and services.

All our products are selected after meticulous research and study. We offer the best in terms of quality, functionality and reliability.
They aim to facilitate the day-to-day living of persons with special needs and enable them to lead a quality life, based on their own needs and wishes.

We offer what scientists need

Our products are also useful and necessary tools for physio, occupational and speech therapists, special educators and generally all scientists working in this field, whose duty is to assist our fellow human beings in need.


The field of rehabilitation is characterised by rapid advancements both in theoretical knowledge and the technical possibilities of the materials and means that are employed.
Our ambition is to continue to establish cooperation agreements that will allow us to keep up with progress in the field and provide high quality services.